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April 6th, 2007
08:29 pm


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Blog against theocracy.
I was introduced to religious discrimination when I was a kid. I was raised Roman Catholic. My father was a construction engineer. For a while he worked for the Atomic Energy Commission at their research and development facility outside Idaho Falls, Idaho. I was in second or third grade.  A playmate of mine lived across the street. One day he told me his parents said that he could not play with me anymore.  He was not even allowed to cross the street!  A few days later he started standing on the curb and yelling "Papist!" at me when I was outside playing.  I did not have a clue as to what a Papist was.  I had to ask my parents. Even then I still did not understand why my friend could not play with me any more.
Yes, as you have probably guessed from it being Idaho the people across the street were some notably bigoted Mormons. They had figured out that we were Catholic and trotted out their anti-Catholic prejudices.
I went down the street and found some new playmates.
No matter what your religious persuasion you do not want some religion's pet bigotry enforced by the power of government.
Blog Against Theocracy.
First Freedom First.

Current Mood: angered by the memory

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